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TUMERIC FACE MASK| clarifying, tightening, moisturizing


In a small bowl combine:

•1 teaspoon yogurt

•1/2 teaspoon honey

•1 pinch turmeric

•2 drops lemon essential oil

•2 drops frankincense

•2 drops lavender

•1 drop tea tree or purification (for acne prone skin)

Mix up, apply with a clean makeup brush, leave on for 20 minutes and wash off thoroughly. 

GLOW SERUM| moisturizing and anti-aging 

In a 4 oz dropper bottle add:

•20 drops frankincense

•20 drops lavender

•20 drops geranium

•20 drops copaiba

Fill rest of the way up with jojoba carrier oil. Drop a few drops into your hands and apply to skin after washing.

PEPPERMINT LIP SCRUB| exfoliating and plumping

Mix 3 TBSP white sugar, 1 TBSP honey, 1 TBSP coconut oil cold pressed or fractionated, 8 drops peppermint together. Store in a glass container or divide up into smaller tins. 

Apply to dry lips, gently exfoliate, leave on for 30-60 seconds then wipe away with a dry towel. 

LEMON FACIAL CLEANSER| calming and cleansing 


In a foaming pump bottle add: 

•15 drops lemon

•15 drops frankincense

•10 drops lavender

•2 TBSP unscented castile soap 

Fill the rest with water. Use morning and night - lather, rinse, and pat dry.


In a 4 oz spray bottle add:

•20 drops frankincense

•20 drops lavender

•1 TSP apple cider vinegar

Fill rest of the way up with witch hazel. Apply after cleansing and before moisturizing. 


In a 4 oz mason jar add:

•20 drops stress away

•1/4 TSP almond extract

•1/2 cup solid coconut oil 

•1/2 cup white sugar

Mix all ingredients together and exfoliate as desired.

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